Taking Hold of Hope

8 August, 2020
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Delivered on Sunday Morning the 9th of August 2020 by Pastor Nelson Attwood at Noble Park Evangelical Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia.

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Taking Hold of the Hope Set Before Us
Hebrews 6:9-20
August 9th, 2020

One: There is a Call to Hope
1) Evidence of their true salvation
• John 13:35,
• John 14:21
2) Eagerness to Realise Full Assurance of Hope
• Matt.28,
3) Example of Promises Kept to Abraham
• Jude 24-25,
• Rom.8:32,
• Rom.8:38

Two: There are Benefits to Hope
1) Hope Produces Zeal
2) Hope Deepens Faith & Patience
• Romans 4:18, 20-21
3) Hope Provides an Anchor

Three: The Object of our Hope,
1) Christ Purchased our Hope through His Suffering
2) Christ Guaranteed Our Hope through His Resurrection,
3) Christ is Sustaining our Hope by Interceding in Prayer

Questions for Reflection and Discussion
By Kathy Govender.

1. What is the greatest threat we face in the current crisis? Heb. 2:1

2. In Hebrews 6:10, the writer commends his readers for their love. How does he now want them (and us) to behave? Hebrews 6:11-12

3. How does anticipation change our behaviour?

4. Why is is so important for us to express hope?

5. Personal: Do you have an anchor in the storms of life? How can you be certain that your anchor will hold?

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