Praise God For Our Salvation and Our Hope

15 August, 2020
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Delivered on Sunday Morning the 16th of August 2020 by Pastor Nelson Attwood at Noble Park Evangelical Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia.

Praise God For Our Salvation and Our Hope
1Peter 1:1-12
August 16th, 2020

Introduction: Stand Fast in the Grace of God

One: Praise God, who has Chosen us
• Romans.9:11-12, Romans.3:10-18
1) Chosen in agreement with Father’s Foreknowledge
2) Chosen through the Spirit’s Sanctifying Work
• Acts 16:14
3) Chosen For Obedience & Inclusion in The New Covenant
• Exo.24:3-8,

Two: Praise God, who has Caused Our New Birth
• Eph.2:1-4,
1) Born again According to God’s Great Mercy.
2) Born Again Through the Resurrection of Christ
• Eph.2:5-6,
3) Born Again To a Living Hope

Next Week:
Three: Praise God, Who has Kept Our Inheritance
1) Our Inheritance is Imperishable
2) Our Inheritance is Undefiled
3) Our Inheritance is Unfading
4) Our Inheritance is kept in Heaven for us
Four: Praise God, who is Keeping us for Salvation
1) By the Power of God
2) Through Faith in God
3) For a salvation ready to be revealed

Questions for Reflection and Discussion
1. Peter begins by praising God for choosing us.
What does he say is the role of:
• The Father

• The Son

• and The Holy Spirit?

2. How are we “sprinkled with His blood”? How does this relate to the Old Testament covenants?

3. How is Peter’s greeting in verse 1 & 2 also a prayer?

4. In verse 3, what causes Peter to praise God?

5. Which part of today’s message gives you hope?

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