Delivered from Destruction

12 July, 2020
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Delivered on Sunday Morning the 12th of July 2020 by Pastor Nelson Attwood at Noble Park Evangelical Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia.

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God’s Deliverance from Destruction
Genesis 6:5-7:24
July 12th, 2020

God, who brings great destruction, provides greater deliverance.

One: There is Deliverance Required
1) God sees with perfect omniscience
2) God judges with perfect wisdom & justice
3) God’s justice demands destruction for the wicked
4) God’s justice requires deliverance for the Godly

Two: There is Deliverance is Promised
1) God promised Noah a covenant relationship
2) God promised Noah’s place inside the Ark
3) God promised the floods that would destroy
4) God promised Noah deliverance from the coming destruction

Three: There is Deliverance Prepared for:
1) …in reverent awe of God.
2) …by trusting in God’s Word
3) …by obeying God’s commands
4) …by preaching God’s righteousness

Four: There is Deliverance Experienced
1) The Lord shut him in.
2) Noah’s Ark points us to Christ
3) Noah’s Ark pictures what it means to be in Christ
4) God delivers us from destruction by His grace alone

Questions for Thought and Destruction
1) Why does the bible describe God as being so angry at sinners?
(Psalm 7:11, Isaiah 6:1-6, Isaiah 12:1)

2) Describe how Noah’s Ark pictures or illustrates our being saved by Jesus Christ from God’s wrath?

3) Should we preach the wrath of God against sinners? What might be the danger of not preaching God’s wrath against sinners?

4) Hebrews 11:7 describes Noah as constructing an Ark by faith and in reverent fear for the saving of his household.
a. What does it mean to have faith in God?

b. Do you have faith in God?

c. How does faith relate to obedience?

d. Is faith without obedience a real living faith?

e. How does reverent fear of God relate to faith and obedience?