A Fresh Perspective

22 November, 2020
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Delivered on Sunday Morning the 22nd of November 2020 by Pastor Nelson Attwood at Noble Park Evangelical Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia.

A Fresh Perspective
Isaiah 6:1-8

1) God is most passionate for His Glory
2) Seeing God’s Glory Changes us.

First: A Glorious Vision
1) Isaiah saw the Enthroned Lord
2) Isaiah saw the Lofty and Exalted Lord
3) Isaiah saw the Majestic Lord
4) Isaiah saw the Sovereign Lord – the Lord of Hosts
5) Isaiah saw the Beauty of the Lord – Beautiful in Holiness

Second: A Great Brokenness
1) Sin Ruins Us
• Sin is our failure to obey God
• Sin is our failure to glorify & honour Him in all we do
• It’s our failure to love God w heart soul mind & strength
• Sin is our self-centred and self-glorifying drive
• Sin is an act of both indifference & unbelief toward God
2) Isaiah was Ruined and Broken by His Sin
• Matthew 5:3
• Isaiah 66:2
• Isaiah 51:17

Third: A Gracious Forgiveness…
• Christ’s death Atones for His people’s sin
• Christ’s death Satisfied God’s Justice
• Christ’s death Declares God’ Grace
• Christ’s death Displays Gods Love working toward us
• See God’s Glory and know how sinful you & I are
• Grieve and be Broken over your sin
• Confess your sin to God, agreeing w/ Him re sin
• Cry out to God for forgiveness, He will give it
• Trust God to keep His promises in His Word…

Four: A Great Commission (time)

Bible Study Questions for Discussion:
Isaiah 6:1-8

1. How did Isaiah describe the time of his vision?

2. What words does Isaiah use to describe the Lord?

3. What else did Isaiah see and hear?

4. Isaiah confessed that he was a man “of unclean lips”. What part does confession play in our moment by moment walk with God?

5. Why is it necessary for us to be broken before God in order to be of any use at all?

o 1Cor 1:29 – 31

o Matt 5:3

o Psalm 51:17

o Isaiah 66:2

6. Personal: What are your strengths that need to be “broken” for God?

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