The Servant’s Trust in the Lord Pt. 1 – Isaiah 49:1–4

30 July, 2021

Book: Isaiah

The Servant’s Trust in God, Isaiah 49:1–4

1st) We Trust the Lord thru Preparation for Service, Vss.1b-2
• John 1:1-5, Heb.4:12, Rev.1:16, • Num.4:3,

2nd) We Trust the Lord in Fulfilling the Purpose of Service, Vs.3
1) We Belong to the Lord, as His Servants; we’re not our own.
2) Our Purpose in Service is to Glorify The Lord
• Acts 3:26,
• John 14:10
• 1 Peter 2:23
• 1Cor.6:19-20,
• 2Cor.12:9,
Acts 4:27, John 6:38 John 17:4 Romans 4:20 Matthew 10:25
Rom.6:17–18 1Cor.10:31, Psa.37:4 Rom.4:20

3rd) We Trust the Lord thru the Practice of Service Vs.1
1) The Primary Practice of Service is Proclamation of the Word
• Heb.1:1–2 Mark 9:7 Mark 1:37–38
• Matt.15:24 Acts 1:8, Col.1:28–29
• 2Tim.3:16 2Tim.4:2
(Next Week, Trusting the Lord thru the Difficulty of Service)

Sermon Discussion Questions:
1) How has God shown Himself to be trustworthy, in Scripture, and in your own life, personally?
2) What does it mean for us to trust the Lord, give some biblical examples, and some from your own life? What often prevents us from trusting God?
3) How does submission to the Lord relate to our “freedom in Christ”? What is necessary in our lives to maintain our submission?
4) Christ was the Lord’s servant, from 1Cor.6:19-20 & Rom.6:17–18 what does it mean for us to: “not be our own”, “we are bought with a price”?
Paul said: whatever you do, do all to God’s glory, which is the Servants Purpose. 5) How do we practically live our lives to glorify God?
The Great Message of the Gospel
• God is holy, righteous, just and good. o Exodus.15:11, Leviticus.11:44
• God designed & created us to experience un-hindered joy and delight, by glorifying Him, thru obedience to His Word.
o Isaiah.43:7, Psalm.16:11
• Every single one of us has disobeyed God and failed to glorify Him,
o Ecclesiastes.7:20, Romans.3:23
• God justly condemned us to an eternal death for our disobedience, so we all
need to be saved from God’s wrath, and we cannot save ourselves. o Ezekiel.18:4, 1Corinthians.6:9-10, Romans.6:23
• So, Jesus Christ has come: He is truly God & truly man, the only, unique Son of God, perfect, sinless & spotless, and righteous; God in the Flesh
o Philippians.2:8-11, Hebrews.1:6-9, Hebrews.4:15
• Jesus Christ has taken our sin on Himself. He suffered and died on a cross,
in our place, to fully placate and exhaust God’s wrath against us. o 2Corinthians.5:21, Romans.3:21-26
• Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead, proving He is the Son of God. o John.20:1-10, 1Corinthians.15:1-6, Romans.4:20-25
• Jesus Christ now calls us every one of us who all need to be saved: o to turn away from sin, Mark.1:14-15
o to trust Him fully to save us, John.3:16-19
o to follow Him as His Disciples & Servants, Luke.9:23-26
• Come and Seek the Lord diligently; you will find Him. o Heb.11:1, 6
• Come to Christ, obediently trusting God to keep His Promises, o Romans.4:24-25, Mark 1:14-15
• Come and find rest for your soul. o Matthew.28:11-12

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