Responding to Our Unseen Saviour, Pt. 2

19 September, 2020
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Delivered on Sunday Morning the 20th of September 2020 by Pastor Nelson Attwood at Noble Park Evangelical Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia.

Responding to Our Unseen Saviour
1Peter 1:8-9
September 20th, 2020
First: We Respond to our Unseen Saviour by Loving Him

Second: We Respond to our Unseen Saviour by Believing in Him

Third: We Respond to our Unseen Saviour by Rejoicing in Him

Questions for Reflection and Discussion
1. 1 Peter 1:8 says that we love God. In what way/s is our love for God a response to Him?

2. How do we love God with our souls?

3. What does it mean to love God by fearing Him?

4. What can we learn about loving God from Christ’s love for the Father?

5. How can we deepen our love for God?

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