Learning How to Pray from Jesus

21 June, 2020
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Delivered on Sunday Morning the 21st of June 2020 by Pastor Nelson Attwood at Noble Park Evangelical Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia.

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Learning How to Pray from Jesus
Matthew 6:5-15
June 21st, 2020

Three things to take away from this Message:
• 1) Prayer is more about Fellowship with God
• 2) Prayer is more about being changed into Christ’s image
• 3) Prayer is less about receiving our needs/wants

One: Jesus Teaches Us How Not To Pray
1) We must not pray as the Hypocrite does:
2) We must not pray like the Unbeliever:

Two: Jesus Teaches Us How To Pray
Matthew.6:6, 8
1) We Pray from Intimate Fellowship with God
2) We Pray by Faith in God
3) We Pray, Recognising God’s Complete Knowledge

Three: Jesus Teaches us What to Pray
Matthew 6:9-11
1) We Pray to Worship God
2) We Pray for Submission to God
3) We Pray from Dependency upon God

Sermon Questions for Discussion & Application
1. Does Matt.6:6, teach that Christians should avoid corporate prayer meetings? Why, why not?
2. Is Jesus teaching us in Matt.6:7 that long prayers are wrong?
3. In what ways do we tend to “heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, (Matt.6:7)?
4. How much do you value prayer? Does your current commitment to prayer reflect that value? What do you need to do to bring your value and practise into agreement?
5. Matt.6:9, calls us to pray: “hallowed be your name”, what other ways can we express true worship to God in prayer?
6. What other attributes of God could you consider as you pray?
7. Give thought to your current spiritual life; are you living in submission to God? Is there a habit or practice that you know is not in submission to God, that must be resolved? Confess it to the Lord and seek His help to end it, so that you might enjoy the tremendous joy of intimate prayer with God.
8. Do you desire to know the Lord above all else? Give thought to Paul’s testimony in Phil.3:3-11, what can we learn from his words about knowing the Lord?
9. Consider the following descriptions of Jesus’ prayers. What can you learn from his example: to improve your prayer life, to pray more biblically for yourself and others?

• Matt.5:44

• Luke 18:1-8

• Luke 18:9-14

• Luke 22:31-32

• Luke 23:34

• John 12:27-28

• John 17:6-26