God’s Grace Towards the Ungodly

24 May, 2020
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Delivered on Sunday Morning the 24th of May 2020 by Pastor Nelson Attwood at Noble Park Evangelical Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia.

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God Grace Toward the Ungodly
Genesis 3:22 – 4:16
May 24th 20202
Introduction & Recap:
1) There was Restricted Worship
2) There was Received Worship
• 1) Abel worshipped on the basis Truth
• 2) Abel worshipped from High Regard for God
• 3) Abel Worshipped by Faith in God
• 4) Abel worshipped thru Mediator

One: The Lord-God Rejects Ungodly Worship
1) Cain failed to offer worship on basis of known Truth, James 4:17
2) Cain failed to offer worship with the priority of Atonement, Eph. 1:6
3) Cain offered without a heart-felt desire for God

Two: The Lord Calls the Ungodly to Repentance
1) The Lord Questions his Attitude, Pride
2) The Lord Questions his Demeanour
3) The Lord, Calls him to Repentance
4) The Lord Warns of Sin Desire to Control

Third: The Lord Calls the Ungodly to Account

For those who do not yet know Christ as Saviour and Lord
• God is calling you, to turn away from sin, & toward Him
• Come to God, in Sincerity and Faith
• Come to God and Confess your sin to Him
• Come to God and Claim Christ as Your Acceptable offering
• Hid Death will pay the penalty for your sin
• His Blood will cleanse away your sin
• His Righteousness will be yours

For the Christian, the Believer in Christ:
• How much do you Value Christ?
• How much do you Desire Him?
• Meditate on Christ as you worship
• Meditate on His person, His Attributes, His Words, His Works
• Meditate on His Humiliation, His Suffering and His Glory
• Meditate, Think & Respond, Valuing Highly Jesus Christ