Glorifying Christ as His Witness to all Nations – Acts 6:8

19 September, 2021

Book: Acts

Glorifying Christ as His Witness to All Nations


I want to make: connection Fr. Isa.49, to our new series in Acts, becoz I am thankful to God for the way he has led us in the last few weeks of messages, and where he is taking us, it’s very much connected.

  • Eduard has read for us those passages that make connection
  • From Isaiah 49:6, we saw that it was not enough for Christ to merely restore Israel, The Lord also gave Him as a Light to the Gentiles, That He should be God’s salvation to: ends of: earth.’ ”
  • Luke, (who wrote both G. Luke & Acts), records Simeon, in Luke 2:31-32, describing Jesus, as God’s “salvation which You’ve prepared before the face of all peoples, 32 A light to bring revelation to the Gentiles” – that’s the gospel to the nations
  • Luke, even in His Prologue, has in mind the Gospel going far beyond Israel & Jews, to the ends of the earth to all nations,
  • Isaiah 49:9, God says: He will… give (Servant) As a covenant to the people That (He) may say to the prisoners, ‘Go forth,’ To those who are in Darkness, ‘Show yourselves.’
  • Again, back in Luke 1:79, he records speaking of “the Dayspring on High, who has visited us, to give light to those, who sit in darkness & the shadow of death…
  • Surely Zech’s words are a reference to Isaiah chs.42 & 49
  • In 49:9-12, he describes the Exiles journeying home,
  • Last week, we saw: reality of our Sp. Journey described in text
  • Again, in Luke 1:79, he records Zech. speaking of Christ “guiding our feet into: way of peace” He’s talking: Sp. Journey


So Gospel calls Us out of darkness into a Sp. Journey, to Follow Christ

  • In 28:19–20, Jesus gave His Great Commission to His Disciples – a commission that continually renews to all Believers
  • 19 Go therefore & make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit,

20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am w/ you always, even to the end of the age.”

  • In28:20, Christ’s commission is, literally:
    • “as U R going, (simultaneously) make disciples…
  • But, we’ve expanded the emphasis into: 2-step process,
  • 1st), go, then, 2ndly) make disciples, separating disciple-making from going, but in reality: 2 actions are to happen @ same time
  • So, “as-you-are-going, be-making Disciples” in Noble Park, in Narre Warren, in Pakenham, in the office, on the worksite, in the classroom, in the hospital ward, in whatever situation God has providentially placed U-I, make disciples for Christ
  • We are to Follow Christ, Glorifying Him, as we make disciples,

We R 2 B God-Glorifying, Christ-Following, Disciple-Making: Witnesses

  • And, here is the motivation, God has placed on my heart, to return, and finish studying & preaching thru Acts:
  • It’s for us to see: that we are all witnesses for Christ, as we are going along this Spiritual Journey, Following Christ…
  • Evangelism, is not so much a program or a dedicated activity
  • Evangelism: a way of life it’s being witnesses wherever we are,
  • Evangelism is about Letting the Light of the Gospel Shine thru us, as His witnesses, wherever God has placed us.
  • In 5;14, Jesus said, “You’re the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp & put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, so it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.


  • So, I want to use this theme verse of 1:8 to re-introduce ourselves to the Book and Its Message
  • One of: main themes of Acts is We are Christ’s Witnesses.

“Christ calls out of darkness, into the Light of Gospel, and having embraced that Truth, & Following Christ, we’re to Let the Light of God’s Truth shine out, thru our lives, as Christ’s witnesses, with the dual purpose of both Glorifying God & Making Disciples

  • So, start. fr. 1:8, what does Acts tell us about being witnesses?

1st) We are Christ’s Continuing Witnesses,

  • Remember 49:9, Servant was sent 1st) to restore Israel
  • He was 2ndly) sent to be a Light to the Nations, to: Gentiles
  • 1:1, Luke says his fmr. acct (gospel) describes all Jesus began to do & teach, primarily among Lost Sheep of Israel
  • But Christ also dealt w/ few Gent: 15-Canaanite woman,
    • 7-Centurion’s servant, John.4-Samaritan woman
  • But He was primarily dealing with Jews of Israel.
  • So, Clearly His work of Being a Light to Gent. was not finished.
  • Christ commission’d Disciples 2 Continue His Work, in His Name


Acts is: Christ’s Continuing Work, 2B Light & Salvation to ends: earth

  • Acts of Apostles” better called “Acts of Christ thru Apostles”
  • 8, “you’ll be My Witnesses: Jeru. Jud., Sam., ends of: earth
  • 2-9 Apost. Witness to: Jews, Then, Ch.10-> Witness to Gent
  • Christ Contin’d His Work, thru apost. & early church to Nations
  • Christ is Continuing His Work thru us, today to the all Nations
  • As we’re Going, Following Christ, on our Sp. Journey, we’re Commissioned to Join Christ, in His Work, of Being God’s Light..
  • Following Christ, we Glorify Him by delighting in Him: Sheph’d
  • We Glorify Him, by bearing witness. 2 our New Life & Salvat’n.
  • We Glorify Him, as we call others to come out: of Darkness; to come into God’s Light; to be Saved; to Join Christ on: Journey
  • How Great is God’s Grace, to Use us to Continue His Work of Being a Light to Nations!


2nd) We are Christ’s Spirit-Filled Witnesses

  • How will we shine as God’s Light to World?
  • 8, “U will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon U”
  • The Disciples had Christ present with them during His Ministry
  • The Disciples were promised Christ’s Spirit in them to Witness
  • Shining as God’s Light is like being a Lighthouse, we’re merely the bricks & mortar & framework, the glass-windows, the pivot
  • But: Light, shining into the Lost world is God’s H. Spirit in us
  • 2:1-13, H. Spirit was poured out on Disciples, Filling them
  • 4:8, Peter: filled w/: H.Spirit to Witness to Ruler/Elder/Scribe
  • 7:55, Stephen: filled w/ Spirit, Witnessed & Saw glorif’d Christ
  • 10:44, Gentiles were filled w/ Spirit as they heard Gospel Msg
  • 13:2-12, Paul-Barn filled w/ Spirit for their Missionary work


From Rom.8, 1Cor.12, Eph.1, Eph.4, We know the Spirit permanently Fills and Seals every believer at the moment of our conversion,

  • Spirit empowered them & He empowers us to live: New Life
  • His Indwelling presence in Us produces: Light, which we shine
  • Spirit guided Apostles in moments of special Inspiration
  • Spirit moved both Prophets & Apostles to write Script, and…
  • Spirit has given us His Inspired, Writ. Word 2 guide us and…
  • He works to apply the Truth of scripture to guide our witness

We have everything we need to complete our mission to Shine the…

  • Light of the Gospel of Christ to the nations. We have God’s Spirit in us, His Word w/ us, & His Church surrounding us.
  • When we let the Light of the presence of God’s Holy Spirit in us, shine thru our lives, into a dark world, God gets the Glory…
  • What does that look like? His Spirit, thru His Word, guides us
    • He Guides our thinking and our words
    • He Guides our activities: what we will-will not do,
    • He Guides our responses: what we say
    • He Guides us, as to when we speak or remain silent…
  • God’s Holy Spirit gives us the power to live, to shine the Christian life to a watching world
  • The question is: Are we Shining as Spirit-filled witnesses?


3rd) We are Christ’s Resurrection Witnesses

  • 8, He said: “you shall be witnesses to Me or “My witnesses”
  • We are to be witnesses to Christ’s Life, Death & Resurrection
  • Luke’s Gosp’l gives extended witness of Christ’s Life-Death-Res
  • Acts 2:22, Peter gave a witness to Jesus’ life in ministry
  • Acts 2:23, He gave a witness to Jesus’ death by: Jews-Romans
  • Acts 2:24-33, Peter gave a witness to Jesus’ Resurrection…
  • Acts 1:1-8, The 12 were eyewitnesses of Christ’s Resurrection
  • Acts 7:56, Stephen gave: eyewitness to: Resur. Exalted Christ
  • 15:5-8, Christ was seen by12, by500, by apostles & by Paul
  • Apostles & Early church witnessed Christ’s Life, Death & Res.

We are also Christ’s Witnesses, to His Life, His Death, His Res.

  • The apostles had joy of Seeing Christ with physical eye. But we have Immense Privilege of seeing Christ thru eye of faith
  • Both Apost & Us, Glorify Christ, by witnessing to Him, by living the New Life in Christ, in the power of the H. Spirit.
  • As we said, Being witnesses to Christ is like being a Lighthouse
  • Christ is: Foundation-Stone; we’re the living stones built on Him
  • Christ’s H.Spirit is the Brilliant, Blazing Light within us.
  • We’re also glass thru which that Light shines – It must be clear
  • When our lives are built on Christ, kept free of sin & lived in the Leading, Guiding, Power of the Holy Spirit, then: Light Shines as Witness to Christ, which will Demand a Response:
  • In 2:36, Christ’s Resur. pointed Jews to Jesus as Messiah
  • In 17:30-31, Christ’s Res. pointed Gent. to Jesus as Judge,
  • But, both Jew & Gent, must respond w/ Repent & Faith in God
  • The question for us is: Are we living as Witnesses to Christ
    • Are we living in the Power of the H. Spirit
    • Are we striving to Keep the glass of our lives clean?
    • So that Christ can shine thru us into a darkened world?


4th) We are Christ’s All-Inclusive Witnesses

  • 8, My Witnesses in Jeru., Jud, Sama. & ends of: earth
  • Remember, Isaiah 49:6, same phrase “to the ends of the earth”
  • 2 ways to understand; “all-inclusive”, both correct, 1 fits text
  • 1) All Disciples, are His witnesses, doesn’t matter what role or walk of life. U may be a “silent-witness”, or U may B: Street-Preaching-Motor-Mouth, who cannot stop talking about Christ.
  • Christ Uses both, for His Kingdom purposes – All Inclusive…
  • 2) We’re to include all men in the scope of our Witness…
  • Christ intends our witness to reach: Jews, Gentiles, Samaritans
  • 2, Jews: Men & Women, of Jerusalem, heard & were saved
  • 3, A Lame man was heard, was healed and was saved
  • 6, Jewish & Hellenis Widows were saved & included: Church
  • 8, Samarit. were evangelised, they heard, believed & saved
  • 10, Gentiles – Romans, heard gospel and were saved
  • 16, Macedon. Call: Europeans, heard Gospel and were saved,
  • 17, Greeks, Philosophers heard the gospel & were saved,
  • Young, Old, middle-aged, Phys. Challenged & Phys. Whole
  • Religious & Pagan peoples, Merchants, Servants, & Slaves,
  • Soldiers, Jailers, Philosophers & Kings, All Need to Hear Msg.
  • Acts describes witness being made to all walks of life
  • Many heard, some rec’d & believed, & thru God’s Sover – Saved
  • Acts 13:48 Now when the Gentiles heard this, they were glad and glorified the word of the Lord. And, as many as had-been-appointed to eternal life,
  • Acts records & describes what’s paradoxical to our understand
  • Mankind hearing-believing AND God’s Sover. in Saving His Elect
  • Ours is not to wonder: who is His elect, and who is not His elect
  • Ours is to be, His All-Inclusive Witnesses to Everyone!
  • Ours is to witness 4 Christ & trust Him to save whoever He will


5th) We are Christ’s Providentially-Guided Witnesses

  • 28:20, “I am with you, always, even to the end of the age”
  • Acts describes God’s Providence at work in the Apostles
  • What is God’s Providence? – It is God’s Governing of all things – He leads, directs, moves, places, opens, closes, every created thing, both miraculously & ordinarily, in agreement w/ His most wise Counsel, and His Purpose to Glorify Christ, in everything
  • RC Sproul: “there’s no such thing as a random molecule in Univ.”
  • e: God’s Providence is always at work. in yours & everybody’s life, –2 put Us were He wants Us, –2 use Us according 2 His purpose, –2 accomplish His will, for our good & for His glory….
  • Acts 7, God used Stephen’s speech: Sanhed, which Saul heard
  • Acts 8, God used Saul to persecute church & scatter it widely
  • Acts 8, God sent Philip: Samaria & multitudes believe & saved
  • God sent Philip 2 witness to 1 Ethiopian, & Gospel spread Ethio
  • Acts 10, God showed Peter unclean animals, made clean, God sent him to preach gospel to Gentiles – they were saved and

the Gospel began its 2000+ yr spread: “to ends of earth”

  • Acts 12, God permitted Herod to behead James, but
    • God freed Peter fr. Herod & prison, while church prayed
    • Btw, only biblical reason to skip prayer meeting is prison… Jus Sayin!
  • Acts 9, God met Saul, converted, blinded, restored, & sent him
  • 13-16, God sent Paul & Barn: witness for Christ in Asia Minor
  • 16, God stopped Paul & Barn fr. witness. Asia & Bithynia! But
  • 16, God called P&B to Macedonia, & Gospel spread to Europe!


Acts Displays God’s Providence allowing, leading, opening/closing doors

  • God Preserv’d His witnesses thru threats, murder-plots, angry-mobs, storms-sea, constant trials, persecution & martyrdom
  • Christ kept His promise to church, in 28:20, He was with them, leading, moving, guiding & governing the spread of Gospel
  • Christ is glorifying His Father’s name by His Acts Thru Us. to witness for Christ to spread the Gospel to all the nations…

Listen, God is also using, moving, leading, guiding, governing, you & I…

  • Christian, don’t despair if God suddenly moves U, somewhere U
  • would not have chosen to be, He has a Plan, He’s working it out
  • You’re in it, for His Glory and Your Good! Trust in God!  He is with you, whether he calls u to serve: from the palace or prison
    • Reminds me of 2 Puritan friends-heroes: J. Bunyan & J. Owen
    • Owen served faithfully in: Palace, B4 King then later Cromwell
    • Bunyan served faithfully fr. a prison cell, writing & preaching
    • To them it wasn’t about where God had called-placed them, it was about being Faithful to Christ, wherever He put them.
      • Now buried side by side, in Bunhill fields, London.
    • The question is not: Is God still w/ us, leading & guiding us?
    • The Question is: Are We faithfully following Christ, glorifying Him, by being His witnesses, wherever he’s placed us?
    • The Question is: Are we willing to follow Him, regardless of where He takes us, to be His Witnesses to Glorify His Name


6th & finally) We are Christ’s Suffering Witnesses

  • Not mentioned in Acts 1:8, but it’s all thru the book of Acts…
  • Jesus speak: Disciples, B4 His own suffering-death, Luke 21:12–13, said: “they’ll lay their hands on U & persecute U, delivering U up to the synagogues & prisons. U will be brought B4 kings & rulers for My name’s sake. 13 But it will turn out for U as an occasion for Witness: Mayrturion, means Witness -> Martyr!
  • Acts.3-28, Acts is story of Christ’s Suffering Witnesses
  • 4, Apost were threatened, commanded to stop and beaten
  • 7, Stephen is stoned to death, becoming 1st Mart’r-Witness
  • 8, Saul persecuted Church pursuing & imprisoning Christians
  • 12, James was beheaded; Peter imprisoned, freed then much later in life, he was crucified upside down, (John 21:18-19)
  • 13, in Antioch, Jews stir up persecution ag. Paul & Barn.
  • 14, in Iconium, Jew/Gent. Rulers attempt to stone P&B
    • In Derbe, Paul is stoned and left for dead
    • In Philippi, Paul & Silas are beaten & imprisoned & so on…
  • 21 Paul: arrested & begins: long journey 2 Rome 2 finally be beheaded 4 His Faith in Christ – theirs was Suffering-Witness
  • Of the Original 12 Disciples, all but one, died: violent death
  • Thru-out Church History, Martyrs/Witnesses for Christ, gave the ultimate testimony for Christ, by their suffering & death
  • As we’re Following Christ, on our Sp. journey, we’re to be prepared & realise our witness for Christ may include suffering
  • As we are going, we’re to be making disciples for Christ, witnessing, thru our suffering for Christ, our allegiance to
  • The Question is not: will we suffer – the Question is:
  • Will we continue, faithful, steadfast, anchored to Christ, all the way to the end…. However that ending happens.


Bros & Sis, Christ has called us out of Sp. Darkness to follow Him on our Sp. journey all way home & into God’s Unending, Glorious Presence

Christ is our Faithful, Good, Great Shepherd, as we saw last week,

  • He Feeds us with His Solid Sp. Food, to fuel our witness
  • He Meets us on Desolate Hts. to commune with us
  • He Protects us, from being snatched out of His hand
  • He has Set us: perfect example, for life & ministry
  • He Refreshes us, in Himself, as the Water of Life, and…
  • He Removes every Obstacle for our Journey Home…..

Christ’s desire for us is that We Glorify His Name by, 1) Knowing Him, 2) by walking w/ Him, 3) by Bear witness for Him; How do we do that?

  • By Being Filled with His Holy Spirit
  • By Following Him thru-out our Spiritual Journey
  • By Continuing His work of shining the Light of God’s truth into the darkness of this world,
  • By Being Christ’s Witnesses
    • – of His Life, His Death & His Resurrection
    • – to everybody who will listen
  • and being willing to suffer for that Witness.


Bro. & Sister in Christ, I urge you with all my heart, Come Follow Christ with me, and as we are going along the way, filled with His Spirit, let’s get busy bearing witness for Him and His Glory.