A Call to Christlike Discipleship

6 December, 2020
A Call to Christlike Discipleship
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Delivered on Sunday Morning the 6th of December 2020 by Pastor Nelson Attwood at Noble Park Evangelical Baptist Church, Victoria, Australia.

A Call To Christ-Like Discipleship
December 6th 2020
Luke 9:18-26

One: A Declaration of Christ
• Matthew.16:16-17,

Two: A Dependence on Christ
• Acts 4:12 Acts 16:31

Three: A Discipleship to Christ
1) A Desire to Follow Christ
• Romans.3:10-18, Philippians.2:13,

2) A Decision to Follow Christ
• Philippians.2:13 Matthew.4:18,
• Matthew.9:9-10,

3) A Denial of Self
• Luke 9:59-62, Philippians.1:21,
• Philippians.3:8, Philippians 2:5-11
• Matthew.22:37-38, Matthew.5:44,
• John.13:35, Matthew.6:33,
• Matthew.28:16-20, Matthew.25:21,
• 1 Peter 4:13

Questions for Reflection and Discussion –
Luke 9:18-26, Christ-Like Discipleship

1. What question did Jesus discuss with his disciples in verses 18-20?
Why was this so important?

2. Who was Jesus speaking about in verse 23? (See also Phil 2:13) What does Jesus say they must do?

3. What does it mean to deny ourselves?

4. What does “taking up our cross” symbolize?

5. If we do not do what Jesus commanded in verse 23, we behave as though we’re ashamed of Him.
What does Jesus say about those who are ashamed of Him?

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